Transcan C 3D Scanner
Transcan C 3D Scanner
Transcan C 3D Scanner
Transcan C 3D Scanner
Transcan C 3D Scanner
Transcan C 3D Scanner
Transcan C 3D Scanner
Transcan C 3D Scanner
Transcan C 3D Scanner
Transcan C 3D Scanner

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Transcan C 3D Scanner

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Transcan C

A Professional 3D Scanner for Diverse Industries

  •  Ready-to-Use Dual Scan Range
  • Multi-resolution fusion
  • 12 MP professional color cameras


SHINING3D developed the Transcan C as a professional-grade 3D scanner capturing exceptionally high resolution and accurate scans of objects from small to medium size for a great variety of industries. In addition, the 12 MP cameras produce rich and detailed textured 3D model, giving an intuitionistic image of the physical object.


  • Adjustable scanning range to meet various object scanning needs.
  • Smoothly shift between 3 levels of resolution in one project to create great detail with high efficiency.
  • 12 MP professional color cameras provide rich and detailed color texture 3D model.

Ready-to-Use Dual Scan Range

The slide-rail design enables an easy switch of the scanning range between 150 mm x 96 mm and 300 mm x 190 mm meeting the needs of scanning objects of different sizes effectively.


Inner Smaller Field of View for scanning small objects

Outer Larger Field of View for scanning medium large objects


Multi-Resolution Fusion

 The Multi-Resolution Fusion Algorithm allows a mixture of 3 levels of resolution of high, medium or low in one project for complex scanning tasks, which highly improves efficiency without duplication of work.


High Color Fidelity

Two 12 MP professional color cameras are installed to capture a detailed 24-bit color map, replicating the authentic color of the physical object. Transcan C is the ideal solution to capture color 3D data for virtual display.

Object size (Li Ning-Sports Shoes): 300 mm × 118 mm × 148 mm


Object size (FENDI-Handbag): 295 mm × 133 mm × 159 mm



Object size (Vase): 170 mm × 169 mm × 188 mm


High-Accuracy Scan Data

The compact design scanner produces high accuracy of 0.035 mm at its inner position, and of 0.05 mm at its outer position. These results are valuable to many applications for measurement.


 Micro Details Reproduction

The minimum point distance can reach 0.0375 mm (resolution) to reproduce fine details on the surface in its inner position of 150 mm x 96 mm.





    Intelligent Operation

     The scanning process is fully automatic with the turntable. Combined with the scanning software's stitching algorithm, this ensures the efficient acquisition of 3D data without manual intervention.

    The software interface guides the user through a simple operation process while providing powerful tools for the hustle-free optimization of the scan results.



    Notice: SHINING 3D reserves the right to explain any alteration of the specifications and pictures.

    *The intellectual property rights of all scanned objects of this leaflet belong to their right holders, SHINING3D only uses them for data display without involving other commercial purposes.